Puke2Earn Basic Information: It mint data


Before we explain about Puke2Earn, we have to explain briefly about Sui,

Sui is a smart contract platform maintained by a permission less set of validators that play a role similar to validators or miners in other blockchain systems.”

as you can see that SUI is still on Devnet and Testnet phase and the Mainnet is still on process, Puke2Earn is a NFT project on SUI Ecosystem that focus in Game and offers Real Earn To Pay on Sui Token.

For now, user can get their NFT through buying on Bluemove Market Place with minimum 10,000 SUI Devnet or you can Mint the NFT in Ethereum, by purchasing this NFT on Bluemove, user will have Benefits when Sui Mainnet is launching, such as:

For Ethereum user will gain more Benefits, in first phase user will have to Mint The NFT in Ethereum so that users will be able to claim the same NFTs on the Sui blockchain once Sui launches the Mainnet. Therefore, the Puke 2 Earn NFTs minted on both Ethereum and Sui blockchain will open up new opportunities for the holders and with 10,000 unique of NFT users will allow many people to access the Game after Sui Launches the Mainnet.

For now Puke2Earn is having an 3 event, those 3 events are:

Participate the main event on Discord, stay active and participate the Giveaway on discord will make your chance to have the NFT.

CREW3, you can do a lot of tasks and earn points to secure your Whitelist, the more you finish the tasks, the more you can make your chance bigger.

Mint OAT on Galxe, having OAT of Puke2Earn will increase your odds of Whitelist and Mint the NFT.

The main mint day is coming!

It will likely take place at the end of January or the beginning of February. As previously stated, we want to ensure that our community does not experience high gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain. To address this, we have implemented a ticket system. First, you will need to mint tickets on the Matic mainnet (the price of one ticket will be announced later). One ticket equals one NFT on the Ethereum network. Then, 24 hours after the minting of the tickets, you will be able to claim Puke 2 Earn NFTs on the Ethereum network according to the number of tickets you hold, without any hurry. Main mint details Date: the end of January / the beginning of February Supply: 10000 Price: TBA Chain: Matic network for the tickets then 24 hours later claim on the Ethereum chain

We plan the special mint of Puke 2 Earn Soul NFTs on January 16th. This mint will help us to test our approach and it will help you to get +2,000 XP on Crew3 and the special role “Soul” on the Discord server. This role will give additional bonuses to its holders in the future. We will announce them later after this special mint.
Special Mint of Puke 2 Earn Soul NFTs details Date and time: January 16th 15:00 UTC
Supply: infinite but the mint will be closed at random time
Price: 3 MATIC (~$2.5)
Chain: Matic
Conditions: 1 Soul NFT per one wallet
Reward for holders: +2000 XP on Crew3 and additional reward that will be announced later
Mine Discord: IS BLACK#8721
Mine Twitter:@mirchibachi1
Mine Crew link: https://puke2earn.crew3.xyz/invite/hPHdZ6TDeZ-Xw5ZRKsT4z


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